Branching Scenario

Branching Content Type - Return to Branching Question

I have a branching question with 5 alternatives.  When 4 of the 5 alternatives are chosen, I want to provide feedback that says those answers are not worng but not the best, and then return to the original branching question.  This doesn't seem possible and is interesting to me.

Grades in Branching scenario not working

Hello folks,

I'm trying to get right the grades in a Branching scenario activity (Moodle 3.11). It's just a very simple scenario and the grades show allways wrong. Any idea what i'm doing wrong?  The points on my Gradebook are 4, and the activity consist of 2 slides eacht with one question.

Look at this:

Feedback does not trigger automatically for some parts in Branching Scenario


We have created an h5p branching scenario module.

When adding a video in the Branching scenario after a Branching question:

  • If the answer is wrong & they have to go back to the Branching question, an automatic feedback appears (which is good).
  • If the answer is correct & they can proceed, the feedback does not appear automatically after the video end, and the user has to click 'next' first.

Can this be solved? or is this a known bug?