Branching Scenario

Course Presentation in Branching Scenario crashes

  1. I have created a slide in the Course Presentation. Then inserted a text. When changing the color, more colors I enter a new color as hex code. After that it crashes, so I can neither save nor press a button. No error message is displayed. Only the screen freezes.
  2. This happens in Lumi Desktop version (0.10.0 2022-10-26T09:58:44.349Z), Lumi Cloud Version, Moodle Version 4.1)
  3. Browser: Chrome, edge

Reusing Branching Scenarios in a Branching Scenario

I'm finding that developing complex branching scenarios is messy. I had an idea that I could develop the scenario in separate Branching Scenarios and then put them all together in a final scenario using the copy/reuse content feature. Unfortunately, the system doesn't seem to allow the reuse of scenarios. Any chance this is something that could be worked into the application in the future? I'm not sure if it would be a copy/reuse feature or a link/jump to feature.


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