Change of 'select a juction to jump to' deletes everything Branching Scenario


I mentioned that the change of "select a junction to jump to" of an interactive Presentation item leads to deletion of everything except this one interactive Presentation in Branching Scenario. I'm using Lumi and Branching Scenario 1.8.2.

So if you have a Branching Scenario consisting of one interactive Presentation and two Branching questions and you would like to bypass the first branching Question I would adjust the "select a junction to jump to" setting of the interactive presentation. If I do so I get a notification, that the first Branching question is going to be deleted. If I do accept this change everything is going to be deleted except the interactive Presentation. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a functionality that has not been considered before. 

For better understanding I atteched some screenshots.

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Hi Bianca,

This is not a bug but instead a missing feature. Thank you for pointing this out and hopefully someone from the community picks up the project or our developers decide to develop it themselves.