Branching Scenario

Branching Scenario limit?


Dear all,

I am currently developing an E-learning with a colleaugue of mine. When I showed her an example of a case using the Branching Scenario feauture, we both wondered whether it'd be possible to create an entire E-learning using the Branching Scenario feature. 

For context, the E-learning is part of a bigger collection of E-learnings. The other 3 E-learnings have all used the standard book-form in Moodle. We are, however looking to create a more visually pleasing E-learning, and we've been granted absolute freedom to do this :)

Branching Scenario Feedback Center-Aligned by Default

Hello! When trying to create a branching scenario, my team has noticed that all Feedback Text under "Advanced Branching Options" is center aligned by default. We are trying to have all feedback Left Aligned, but have noticed that using the Alignment Icon within the text editor is not working, nor is retyping feedback, changing the sizing of the content type when embedding, etc. I have attached the branching scenario file as well as a screenshot below.

The issue is being experienced on desktop and on Canvas.

Embed spin file in Virtual tour (360)


I'm using the Virtual Tour (360)/H5P branching scenario to create an educational escape room. Students are required to click on an object, examine it (spin/rotate it around), then find a clue that is needed for them to progress to the next step. I'm good with creating a 360 spin file but don't know how to embed this spin file into the Virtual Tour, or whether that's even possible. Any advice/suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.