How to change the sequence of the audio recorder

I am using the audio recorder to help my students improve their pronunciation skills.  Each lesson in our online course contains a number of sentences and a number vocabulary words.  Each of the sentences and vocabulary words are paired up with audio recording by a native speaker.  The audio recorder is placed on a web page where the near the prerecorded sentences.  After the students listen and record the sentence (or vocabulary word), they are then able to compare the two recordings side by side.  

The problem is that there are too many steps involved, and the students get impatient.  I am attempting to remove a couple steps and reduce frustration.  There are three problems I need to resolve.  The first problem is that I am unable to locate the code used to implement the VUE.  The second is that I don't understand how the VUE syntax works.  And, finally, I need a process to reinstall the modification whenever the audio-recording tool gets updated.

Please help me with this issue.  Thanks!

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