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Audio recorder - https-error


I am trying to use the audio recorder tool in my LMS. I have my course in Simplero and usually embed the code from the WP plugin in the lessons.

This usually works except for some size issues. However, with the audio recorder I get a https error when I press "ta opp/record".

Simplero-support says that the problem isn´t within their platform. They have tested it on a different site and got the same error.

When I use the code on a WP-site, the audio recorder works.

Why doesn´t it work when I embed the code?

Audio Recorder Embedded in Discourse Site Reports Lack of HTTPs

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This may not be an H5P issue but am seeking to know how the Audio Recorder's test for HTTPs might fail.

Our Discourse powered education community allows users to use iframes to insert H5P. The work fine in our site (which is fully HTTPs enabled) but a recent test with the Audio Recorder reports this error:

Access to microphone is not allowed in your browser since this page is not served using HTTPS. Please contact the author, and ask him to make this available using HTTPS