Interactive Video change the playback rate

As an author, I use interactive video in Moodle to analyze a movement in sport video and to comment.

The 1x standard speed is too fast to show some details of the movement even with the "stop video" feature.  The timing is in hundredth of seconds.

So, if it was possible to change the playback rate between two bookmarks, or for the full video at least, this would be very usefull.

By the way, thanks for all this good work.  H5P is a major contributor to the educational community right know.

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Hi Michael!

That option should have been available for roughly four years. Have you looked next to the slider?



It is possible for the student to do it himself but I want to make it automatically in some case (movement analysis)

Maybe my post wasn't clear enough

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Hi Michael,o

Sorry but you cannot set a different playback rate nor have different playback rates between bookmarks. Not unless there are changes/additions to the code.