need developer to add audio and question to interactive book


need developer to add audio and question to interactive book image hotspot

it's a paid feature.

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Hi eltyar!

Could you please check whether you mixed something up in your post? Interactive Book already features audio and question-like content. Image Hotspot doesn't, and I assume you mean that one, but it's not clear (to me).



Hi Oliver, I mean if it is possible to develop and add audio to the image hotspot, I can add now video, image, and text but there's no audio

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Thanks, that's much clearer, so it's not about Interactive Book as the title suggests.

There will be some things to consider, e.g. if the editor should be "fool-proof" (not all audio settings make sense) and probably discussing future plans for that content type with the H5P core team if you don't want to run a fork, but adding Audio is possible, of course. Feel free to reach out via SNORDIAN.


I am trying to run the h5p editor on my local server (wamp).

I extracted the zip file downloaded from into www/editor directory and trying to run the php file "h5peditor.class.php". But it shows the blank page.

Anyone show me the guide on how to start H5P up and running on my local server?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Murugesan5,

You cannot use H5P as a standalone program. You need a CMS/LMS for this to work. You can check this documentation for more details.