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I suspect this is not possible, from my reading of posts with regards to question banks, but I nevertheless would like to confirm this. Is it possible to reuse single questions in a question set? In other words, if I create single questions of the various types that are supported in a Quiz (question set) can I then import them into question set? Even if I need to select, copy and paste - is there any way to reuse content in that way?


I discovered that it is possible with the copy and paste function! Thank you.

Content types: 
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Yes, you can copy existing content either from within the editor (you should see a copy button at the top of the editor form) or from the view (via the reuse button in the lower left corner).

In the editor, you can then paste that content into a Question Set using the paste button inside the editor form - not using the button on top which would replace the Question Set, but inside where you'd add a question otherwise.