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We are currently using interactive videos with some multiple-choice questions through the LTI in Canvas. Is it possible to get a report from interactive videos and the activities within? For example Views or questionnaire results without using the xAPI.

Interative Video Report
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Hi Carlos,

Just to confirm you are subscribed to H5P.com? If this is the case I suggest that you follow the instructions provided in this page.


hey, may i know what instruction link is that? because i have the same question. subscribed to h5p.com but i can't find the reports for my interactive video.

hi, may i know what instruction link is that? because it's currently linked to the contact form. i have the same question as well. subscribed to h5p.com but don't know where to view the report for my interactive video. thanks!

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Hi cynnnnnn,

If you're a paying customer and need support for H5P.com reach out to the person in your organization responsible for H5P.com. This person will have access to our 24/5 priority support desk. If you're doing a trial reach out to the person at H5P who set up the trial account for you or to [email protected].