How can I quickly find a pop-up interaction in H5P Interactive Video?

Hi guys, 

First of all, I create an interaction in the H5P Interactive Video (i.e. a multiple choice quiz). 
Then, I save it. 

After few days, I return to my H5P Interactive Video and I want to edit the previous interaction, begins the slow search. 

I have to move the video bar frame by frame in order to find the multiple choice interatcion. Sometimes, I can't find it also if I move very very slowly! Here is the question: 

Black Border Around Video Content

Hi, I have been been using H5P sporadically during 2020 and this is my first post here. Please forgive my ignorance or if my issue has been previously discussed.

I have deployed various MP4 files to some slides across a H5P presentation. I have removed the player controls from all MP4s and have also set them all to 'auto play' and 'loop'.

go forward button


In interactive video wouldn't it be possible to have a 10 second go forward button function identical to the existing 10 second go backward button. Besides, couldn't we leave several choices like 10, 20 or 30 seconds?

Thank you

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