How can I quickly find a pop-up interaction in H5P Interactive Video?

Hi guys, 

First of all, I create an interaction in the H5P Interactive Video (i.e. a multiple choice quiz). 
Then, I save it. 

After few days, I return to my H5P Interactive Video and I want to edit the previous interaction, begins the slow search. 

I have to move the video bar frame by frame in order to find the multiple choice interatcion. Sometimes, I can't find it also if I move very very slowly! Here is the question: 

Black Border Around Video Content

Hi, I have been been using H5P sporadically during 2020 and this is my first post here. Please forgive my ignorance or if my issue has been previously discussed.

I have deployed various MP4 files to some slides across a H5P presentation. I have removed the player controls from all MP4s and have also set them all to 'auto play' and 'loop'.