When submitting answers to questions in Interactive Video, not all buttons are shown (Retry, Show Solution, Continue)

When adding Multiple Choice or Single Choice questions to an interactive video, I want all buttons to be shown after submitting an answer, in particular these under "Behavourial settings": Enable "Retry" button & Enable "Show Solution button".

Neither button is displayed when I test in Firefox (81.0.2) or Chrome (86.0.4240.75).

I copied the multiple choice question item from the sample interactive video (on the website) into my own video and then the buttons are displayed properly and work as planned.

Interactive video / video

hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing great!!! I was just wondering why can't the interactive video / video web record like the mini audio recoder?? Why do we have to record and upload... it would be a great time saver with everyone moving to online learning to have a webcam recorder added!!!

Dear fnoks,

I think it is time to give us at least a beta version of the mini course content type as we start 2020 acadamic school year.. (i have been waiting now 3 years lol) A way to organize unit plans would be highly apprciated by all eductors :-)

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Copy h5p video content erros

I was wondering if I could get some information about why an error might be appearing on my h5p. 

I have a number of interactive videos created in h5p and they all work perfectly fine - When I'm trying to copy to the clipboard and then paste into a branching scenario (or into another interactive video module) I get the same error - video format not supported.