Missing content type in Moodle 4.1 interactive video plugin

I am using the Moodle h5p (hvp) plugin, but in my install of moodle 4.1 i dont have the interactive video contnet type.

I can't use it because Moodle thinks I have it. Can I reupload it?

Thanks, Paolo

Content types: 
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Hi Paolo!

One can use both the H5P plugin for moodle and moodle's custom H5P integration, but they work completely independently. They neither share libraries nor do they impact each other.

Your screenshot shows moodle's custom H5P integration. Normally, re-running the scheduled task for updating H5P content types (\core\task\h5p_get_content_types_task) should install/update anything. Uploading the sample file on the "Manage H5P content types" settings page should also work. If both does not work, I suggest you head over to moodle's H5P forum, because the H5P core team was not involved in the development of moodle's custom H5P integration and chances are that people over there can help you better than people here can.