H5P video attempt results not showing in Attempts Report

Hi all,


I have encountered an issue where a ‘Vocabulary and Video’ H5P activity (Screenshot 1 and 2) is not recording the questions answered in the video on the H5P Attempt Report (Screenshot 3).


The Attempt Report does include the total score (10 points for the video and 7 points for the Vocabulary activity). The answers provided for the Vocabulary section are included (Screenshot 3). I am not sure why the answers provided in the video are not shown here.


Why would the answers not be displayed for the video activity and it only includes the score?


Is there a way that the answers for the video activity can be shown in the Attempt Report?






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Moodle 3.11.10+ (Build: 20220922) - Desktop, Chrome Browser, H5P mod_h5pactivity 2021051700


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