Interactive Video - Panopto - Interactions don't play

I'm suddently having problems with using Panopto videos for interactive videos. 

While I can add interactions without any problems, they don't seem to play. It seems to affect newly created interactive videos, the existing ones still work. 

This is an interactive video I made in November - it all still works as it should:

This one I made today, using the same video:
In this one, the interactions only work after I click on the button in the timeline, and the summary task doesn't seem to work at all. (The one from november didn't have a summary task, so can't tell if that worked before, but all the interactions display perfectly fine). Two colleagues tested the videos on their machines and had the same problems. 

I was using Chrome (Desktop on Mac) to make the interactive videos, and tested playback with Chrome, Safari and Firefox and had the same error on all of them. 

I tried using different availability settings for the video within Panopto, but that didn't change a thing. When I created another interactive video with a youtube video, that worked perfectly fine. Here's an example of a cloned version of the second video posted above, with the only change being a different video (a random youtube video for testing purposes).

Thanks for looking into this!


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Hi SN_Litti,

Since you are using an and I think the development team needs to take a look at this I suggest that you contact them directly. To do so pleasse follow the instructions outlined in this page.


Thanks BV, I will contact them directly as you suggested.