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Hi all, much appreciation for h5p, absolutely fantastic and always getting better.

Wondering if it's possible to have flashcards that are just flashcards which display the image, the text, and an audio clip, primarily for language learners.

I.e. A student starts the activity, and when a flashcard appears, they see the picture of blueberries, the test blueberries is underneath it, and the audio of me speaking says "blueberries".

I don't need them to answer anything, but flashcards are good just as input too.

Ideally the card would have a button to replay the audio clip before they move to the next card, and the text and audio would be optional, as long as one or the other was present.

This would allow students to take in a quick vocabulary set and move right into another activity requiring them to use the set. Or to setup a large bank of vocabulary per course that students can access anytime and run through at their leisure.

Thank you in advance!

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There's a pull request for H5P.DialogCards that will enable you to do this at https://github.com/h5p/h5p-dialogcards/pull/86. I don't know, however, if and when the H5P core team will accept and merge in these changes. They are very busy.


Thanks, but as I understand it, my files would no longer work after an update. 

It would be great if the H5P team would integrate this into the existing system :-)


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I did not tell you to merge that pull request locally, but merely that it existed and that the H5P coure team would need to include it.

Just getting started with H5P. Some great things available for language teaching :-)

Currently I am focused on using the lashcard function and would LOVE it if the following functions were possible:

Allow the data set to be copied (possible) and then for the data set to be switched, so that the front of the card becomes the back of the card.
Also, it would be great to be able to add audio (in line, without recording a bazillion audio snippets separately and then uploading/importing them)
Lastly, it would be awesome if, after entering all the data, it could be exported to a word/excel file (and importing from excel would be awesome too)

Thanks for your hard work and I hope, hope, hope these improvements can be implemented.

Is there any opportunity to give a general feedback after all tasks?

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Hi Solveg,

You cannot add feedback with the Flashcard content type.