H5p as a Stand alone authoring tool?


I think I know the answer to what I am about to pose - but ill ask anyway.

I used to use H5p extensively in my old job as a plug in to an LMS, is there an aspiration/intention/apertitie to every provide H5p as a stand alone peice of software i.e not web based?

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Hi RufJay!

I don't know what the answer that you have in mind is, but I have one of my own that has quite some facets.

  • There's the roadmap of H5P that lists "Android, IOS and Windows apps for playing H5P files offline".

But that's just the H5P core team's roadmap. H5P is an open source project, so other can build their own stuff with and around it, and they do:

  • There's H5P-Standalone which allows you to build H5P into your non-LMS website that may as well run on a local server that does not necessarily need to be connected to the web.
  • There's - and you will probably be looking for this - Lumi. It's a desktop application for Windows, MacOS and Linux (smartphone versions possible) that allow you to create and view H5P content offline, It also allows you to export H5P files into a single HTML file that can be viewed in a browser without the need to install anything else or to be online.

What was the answer that you had expected?



Thanks Oliver

That was not the answer I was expecting, much appriciated!

I will now look in, the answer will be somewhere between H5P-Standalone and Lumi, I guess my requirement is to be held on a local server.

        Expect me to bug you again on this post.





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Hi Oliver


Im affraid I need to trouble you again.  I have now been operating with Lumi H5p which is excellent by the way so thank you.

I have hit a snag, whilst working and saving, I hit a point where the program would not allow me to save a H5p file I guess after it got to some size which was only around the 4Mb mark - I could however export for use in HTML format.

I guess my question is:- Does the program hit a spot where content becomes too big and therefore I cannot save it for future edits?


Your advice in this matter would be much appricated





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Hi RufJay,

I guess it's best to contact Lumi's developers through their website for any issues with their software. But if Oliver has any suggestions by all means ;-)


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Hi RujJay!

If you are lucky, Sebastian (one of the developers of Lumi) checks this forum from time to time. But you may want to contact Lumi directly instead. Their website (https://next.lumi.education) lists [email protected] as contact address.


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I'm one of the developers of Lumi. While there is indeed a file size limitation of about 1 GB, 4 MB certainly shouldn't be a problem. If you send me your file ([email protected]) and tell me how to reproduce the problem, I'll have a look into it.




I will be intouch, thanks again.