Typ: Textfelder auf Bild

Hallo an alle Leser, 
ich bin neu hier im Forum und arbeite mich gerade in die verschiedenen Inhaltstypen ein. 
Was ich derzeit suche, ist ein Inhaltstyp bei dem ich im Hintergrund ein Bild habe auf dem ich Textfelder platzieren kann, in die die Schüler einen Text eingeben sollen. (Stumme Karte in Geografie, in der die Schüler Ortsnamen eintragen sollen)
Dieser soll dann mit einem vorgegebenen Text verglichen werden. Eigentlich "Fill in the Blanks" nur mit frei platzierten Testfeldern auf dem Bild.
Gibt es dafür eine Lösung?
Vielen Dank.

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"Hello to all readers,

I'm new to the forum and I'm just getting used to the different types of content.

What I'm currently looking for is a content type where I have an image in the background on which I can place text fields in which the students should enter text. (Silent map in geography in which the students should enter place names)

This should then be compared with a given text. Actually "Fill in the Blanks" only with freely placed test fields on the picture.

Is there a solution for this?

Many Thanks."

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Hi D!

Sorry for replying in English, but this is an English forum and I don't want to bother the majority of its audience with having to use a translation service.

Some content type like that is requested quite often. Unfortunately, so far requesters seem to be content with dropping their request, but nobody seems to have been willing to invest some time in order to campaign and gather votes for it - or most people do not know that this option exists (hint to @BV to potentially highlight this option clearer!). Please cmp. https://h5p.org/most-popular-feature-requests for a list of features and corresponding votes. The more votes a request gathers, the more likely it is that the H5P core team will fulfill the wish.

Having said this: H5P is an open project. It is also possible to create your own content types without waiting for the H5P core team to find resources. While it is probably true that most H5P users cannot code, H5P users often neglect the fact that they could as well find a developer who has time to spare and is willing to do the work. It is absolutely possible to raise funds via a crowd-funding campaign, cmp. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/unlock-spaced-repetition-for-h5p-dialog-cards#/. Again, most people seem to be content with just dropping their request and hoping someone else is going to solve the issue instead of taking the initiative and contributing some of their time. That's absolutely fine! But in that case, nothing may ever happen. Don't expect miracles to happen.

Sorry for not having a more satisfying answer.


Hello Oliver, Thanks for your answer. I think the content type "ZUM ImageHotspots Extension" is exactly what I was looking for. Why is the content type not on h5p.org? Best regards Daniel


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Hi D!

It's not on h5p.org because having two virtually identical Image Hotspot content types is confusing for users, so ZUM decided against proposing it for integration on h5p.org. You can still get that version of Image Hotspots from ZUM and install it on your platform, if required.

Another option would have been to propose a pull-request for the changes, so they could become a part of the official H5P Image Hotspots, but given the vast backlog of the H5P core team that for some pull request amounts to over one year, ZUM decided against that option.