Requisite Skills and Knowledge to Maintain H5P?

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Hi, My campus IT created a virtual server for me with Drupal and H5P installed, but they would like me to be in charge of maintaining the H5P service.

Is it feasible for an educator to maintain an H5P server?  Could you provide some insights into what skills and knowledge are required to maintain an H5P server?  Are there any online training programs available, etc.

Thank you in advance. 


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Hi bhirata,

IMOO basic knowledge of the Drupal system and how to insert H5P within pages would suffice if the aim is to use the contents for learning purposes. If the contents will be used for exams or anything similar you will need to use some other plugin in Drupal to record the scores and there may still be some coding involved. With regards to training programs I'm not sure if there is any but there are a lot of documentations and videos in Youtube that may help.


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Thank you, yes content for learning purposes.