Show Applet directly underneath the Video in an interaktive book

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Good Evening!

I'm rather new on h5p. I want to thank all the creators for theory work. It's a great Instrument.


I'm about to use the interactive book on moodle platform. As mentioned in other posts, I would love to have a "save progress" option. I Think alot would value  that. 

However I'm dealing with another issue at the moment: each of my sections will begin with a video, followed by links and some geogebra-applets. 

Ideally, the applets would appear directly under the video, so that my students can try them simultaneously to watching the video, without having to scroll down. The Accordion Tool would do the trick, as the students could "Pop up" the relevant applet during the video. As I understand including an iframe embed is not possible yet and I didn't find any posts showing, that this will happen any time soon. 

So I was wandering, if there is another possiblity to achieve a similar effect.

Looking forward to your ideas. 

Best wishes,












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Hi Henrike!

There is a pull request at that, if merged in, will allow authors to use more content types in Accordion including the iframe embedder.

The H5P core team will have to decide about accepting or rejecting the pull request, and they will also have to review and release it. That takes quite some time which they currently prefer spending on finishing the H5P OER Hub.



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Dear Oliver, 

thank you for your quick answer. In this case, I'll just wait and see and am looking forward to any new releases. And my students will deal with the scrolling down for now. ;-)


Best wishes, Henrike

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Dear Oliver,

thank you for the quick response. I will just wait and see and am looking forward to new releases.

Until then, my students will deal with the scrolling down.

Best, Henrike