Summary Slide without graded activity


We're using the h5p plugin within Learndash.  Is there any way to use a Course presentation without any questions (Just text slides only) but still generate a summary slide?

We use the quiz option to do an overall quiz so in some courses may not want questions as we go along but still need to trigger the completion verb in the summary slide.


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Hi Kevin,

I may be mistaken but I think this is not possible without making changes to the code. The Summary Slide of Course Presentation is only triggered if there is at least one graded activity. 

I may have a workaround that will include a question but will always generate a perfect score. You can use Multiple Choice Question with the following settings:

  1. All answers are correct
  2. Enable 'Give one point for the whole task'
  3. Pass Percentage is set to 0.


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Hi all!

BV is correct.

Branching Scenario has the same "problem" for the upcoming feature that will allow blocking progression until the Course Presentation has been completed. It will wait for the final slide to be reached if there are no tasks. I assume Learn Dash (or the plugin checking for completion) might want to include some similar special case treatment. Same goes for Interactive Videos by the way.