H5P- gameplay with Login and grade system for students and teachers

Hi ! 

I was thinking, that it would improve the learn progress a lot, if teachers could se how the students are progressing by making some kind of "login-plugin" where students would have to login in order to access the diffent h5p task and that the result of the students could be accessed by the teacher. The teacher could thereby invite students to follow the course and see where the students are doing good or bad. It could even be made like a fun game with a timer - like in kahoot. 


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Hi Malte,

I'm not sure if this is possible (I haven't tested it) using a different plugin within the host CMS/LMS. Moodle for example already have a built in Gradebook and Course system, which lets teachers reaview the results and answers of students. It does not have a timer though afaik.


Thanks BV52, Yes, that's what I thought.