advanced documentation tool


I like the "Documentation tool“ and see it fitting some of my workflows. 

But with some slight changes, It would do a much better job. 

Is it possible to have some predefined „tex boxes" to choose from instead of an empty text field?

Could I define some Text that would appear in the summer for every one of these textboxes?

Let's say: The question is, „what kind of a learner are you?“

As an answer, they could choose 1 out of 3 predefined options. 

„I have to see it. “

„I have to hear it. “

"I have to do it. “

Then they will have their choice and some predefined instructions fitting their choice in the final Word-Dokument.

This way, they would have an individual guide as a result….


more flexibility in the Documentation tool
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Hi Miladin!

A little off-topic: Are you aware of the literature suggesting that there's no robust scientific proof for significant effects caused by trying to match a self-reported preference for media and an instruction with that media?


I am not sure if my English is good enough and I understand it right...

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Hi Miladin!

I am not sure if my English is good enough to simplify my question and to stay accurate :-) But I can try.

Your post leads me to believe that you are trying to suggest students to use certain media for learning based on their preference for certain media. That is what I mean by "matching" the preference for a medium that a student reports with some instructional intervention that "fits" (e. g. listening to podcasts if someone thinks "I need to hear it."). Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this matching is within the realm of urban legends in education and widespread (cmp. for instance or I wondered if you are aware of this.



I am getting it now! :-)
I was not aware of that and find it interesting!
But the example I took in my request was fictitious. I do not work with students... 
in fact, I am a coach putting together an online program. I would like to give people automated suggestions on how to proceed according to the answers they give... And the great thing about the Documentation tool is that they would be able to print it out and keep it as a guide...


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Hi Miladin!

I see. And I am relieved :-) Hope you'll find someone to develop the Documentation Tool further.