Duplicating a course presentation

Is there a way to duplicate a whole course presentation in order to edit the duplicate without affecting the original presentation?

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You could simply download your course presentation and upload it as new content.

Is there any current way of duplicating content in a slide?  For instance I would like to create 3-4 boxes within one slide with similar content and it would save a lot of time if I could just clone the first box to make the others.

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Hi ac1643,

I'm sorry but this is not possible as of the moment. Although I think this will help in creating contents effeciency wise. I suggest that you head over to the Feature Request forum and post this as a request/suggestion.


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I am not sure if it is true for all contents, but you should be able to copy and paste boxes at least.

I'm using the single or multi choice content within a course presentation. It would be useful to display 3-4 boxes on a single slide by creating one box, copying it the desired number of times and then just modifying certain data in the new boxes.  I can't see any way of doing this, so I have to create each box separately and enter all the data 4 times.  I think its this kind of user-friendliness which would really help h5p take off.

I'm ok with it but people in a rush, teachers wanting to create interactive content etc, put a value on time and things such as this might frustrate them and add a barrier to acceptance as a genuine interactive content creation tool.  Also for content in a similar format that just needs to be replicated and then the text adjusted, it would be nice if text content could be edited quickly without having to always go into the editor, save it, come out, create a new box, go into the editor etc. This may be very difficult to code, I'm afraid I don't know enough to help with it, but I really think making existing content types as easy to use as possible should be as much of a focus as creating new content types (drag and drop etc).

Anyway just some thoughts from me!  Thanks for your answers. I might post these thought in the feature request area.

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Hi ac1643!

Thanks for elaborating on that! The 2018 plan for H5P lists an inline editor which would allow you to change content easier without switching between the editor and the live view.

Ah that's great, just what is needed. I love the idea of these two developments:

  • In-place editing - Make simple changes without going into the editor
  • Responsive editing - No more pop-ups inside pop-ups in the Course Presentation and Interactive Video editors. We’ll be using the entire screen to give a better authoring experience.

Do you have any idea, however vague, of when you are looking to complete these developments? Just by the end of 2018?

Also could you clarify for me what this 2018 goal means:

  • H5P Content Hub - Repository for H5P content integrated in every H5P authoring tool, an extension of the current content type hub


Many thanks

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I don't think that the core team of H5P has announced an exact date, so I don't know. Sorry.

If you are a creator of content, the H5P Hub will allow you to share your creations by just ticking a checkbox. They will then be transfered to a repository. When other users want to create content, they can look in this repository before starting from scratch. It will work very similar to the H5P Content Hub that you use right now when creating new content. You can browse contents, filter for keywords, etc.