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Hello :)

It looks like I shouldn't have updated my Wordpress recently. My current version of Wordpress is 5.6.2 and the plugin version is 1.15.0 and I see there have been some issues  on my new interactive video since my last update.  After updating my changes I get a message: "Data Reset: This content has changed since you last used it. You'll be starting over."

It seems like a compatibility issue (?) Are there going to be any updates to the H5P wordpress plugin?





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Hi there,

In your WP H5P settings, I expect you have enabled Save Content State Allow logged-in users to resume tasks

I suppose that updating WP to a new version has triggered the "Data Reset etc." message you are seeing. That is not a compatibility issue nor a bug. It's just normal.

Thank you so much for your response :)

I am just getting started. When I checked out the H5P plugin it stated it has not been updated in 4 months. Do you still plan on continuing to support the WP version of H5P? If so are there any compatibility issues with the current version of WP & Learndash?

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Hi dblgm2009,

The H5P core team is still actively supporting all 4 plugins for Drupal, Wordpress and Moodle. There are no known issues specific to the WP versions that has not been tested by the core team. I am using WP 5.6.1 and have not encountered any issues.


Thank you for the quick reply.