H5P Editor in HTML

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Hello everyone!

H5P has worked great for me but I am having a problem at the moment: I´m wondering if there´s a tutorial out there or something that could guideme into setting the H5P Editor in plain HTML.

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi, could I ask what exactly you would like to do? Do you want to write plain HTML in the editor or do you want to have the editor as a standalone piece of code you can embed into a site?


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The latter. I´d like to embed the editor in a website using only HTML.  

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The editor needs to connect to a database in order for content to be created so it's not possible to embed it simply as HTML.

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I am aware. Thing is, I want to use HTML and PHP (to make the DB connection) instead of Moodle,Drupal or Wordpress. 


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I don't think it's a trivial problem. But I think you can at least leverage the JS from from the editor library (and maybe some php).


- Tom