LMS, LRS ...


Here is my situation in a few words:

After hours of research on exercisers I decided to start with H5P

I am now looking for an LMS, LRS ...

I wish to have a complete management of the students and analyzes of their results.

Is there a difference between moodle, wordpress and drupal modules?

Do you have other solutions (LMS / LRS ...) to advise me?

thank you very much


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Hi Pierre,

Moodle is an LMS and has a built in Gradebook that captures the scores/data. Both Drupal and Wordpress are CMS and you will need another plugin to handle the scores. Based on my experience if you are only using the platform for H5P Moodle would be better since you don't need to manage any other plugin. If you are going to use other plugins/contents aside from H5P it is usually easier to Drupal or Wordpress.

I hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your answer.

I just want to be able to retrieve people's data (response time, right / wrong answers ...) possibly with graphics ...

So I'm thinking of adding a plug-in to Wordpress. Do you have the most complete plug-in proposals possible?

thank you very much

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These information is generated in the xAPI statements. I highly recommend looking through these documentation:







merci beaucoup