Adding Interactive Videos to moodle Lessons

Is there way to load an H5P file and have it connect to a gradebook in moodle. Currently I can only use the gradebook with H5P when the file has been created in the LMS.

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Hi nicke,

I'm not really sure what you want to accomplish. Would you mind elaborating by answering the questions:

  1. Where was the content created?
  2. Where do you want to place the content?

Any other information that you may be able to provide will help thew community help you in resolving your concern.


See the attached. In moodle when I created the H5P content on it's own. It connects to the gradeook such as the Expression Activity Rate. I would like to be able to either upload the file or embed it within a lesson, but two things happen. 1) It does not connect to the gradebook, and (2) if it is embedded it does not show for students. I want to use this but can't find a way to create the same features from the original file in a uploaded or embedded file.

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Hi Nicke,

If the content is not within a course using plugin/core integration scores will not be sent to the gradebook. This is also true for content contents that are embedded. With regards to the content is not showing there could be some underlying issue (security settings, another plugin etc.).