Invisible hotspots


I really hoping someone can help me out!

I've created a Multiple hotspot activity as shown below. But I need the hotspots to be invisible so the learners find them.  I've tried the 'Multiple Hotspots' activity but that one doesn't allow a block of text to appear when the area is found just a correct / inncorrect.

I've tried to think of ways to 'trick' the technology such as changing the hotspot graphics to an invisible .png but that just appears as a white circle... 

Is there anything I can do??

Thank you so much!



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Hi Kim,

This is not possible without making changes to the code. The good thing about H5P is that it is open sourced so anyone can make the changes or (crowd) fund the development of features.


It might be easy to do with dirty ways.

Where are you using your content ? (moodle, wordpress, etc.) 

We have an external web deveoper creating the content... I need to confirm but from what I've seen I'm guessing Wordpress...

A solution would be to be able to inject this css inside the iframe :


but it's not trivial.

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Hi Degrange,

Thank you! This is a very good suggestion and to add to this I think this documentation can help.


Thank you for your reply BV.  This feature would be so helpful! Can i ask, how do I access the code? I may be able to ask one of our developers to take a look... thank you!

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Hi Kim,

The files for Image Hotspots can be forked here:

So that you have a basis for the hidden hotspot below is the repo for the find the hotspot content type: