Disable/Hide Link to Youtube (in Interactive Video)


It would be very helpful if students could not click the link to see the video on Youtube in an interactive video.  It defeats the purpose of disabling forward navigation!

Thanks for considering.

Note:  The Youtube videos are mine that I created and uploaded.  I stopped uploading the video to H5P directly because there was an issue one time where it kept stopping playback randomly, but when I posted that same video to Youtube and used the link in H5P, it worked fine.  So now I just post my videos to Youtube first and then use the link to make the interactions in H5P.  But I don't want students to click the link and watch the video in Youtube without the interactive questions.

Disable/Hide Link to Youtube (in Interactive Video)
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Hi UT OnRamps!

I fear this would not be possible without violating YouTube's terms and services.