Offline use


I use H5P on Wordpress with some students who don't have a good internet connexion at home. I can download a web page for offline use but the H5P activity isn't working. Is there a way to download that too? Ideally, the activity would work directly in the webpage when downloaded. 

Feel free to suggest something else.

Take care

Interesting! Thank you! I downloaded it to see how it works. 

I can create and use H5P activities offline which is great! However, the activities I use are part of a more complete class: there are more sections (of text, of pictures, of other H5P activities) above or bellow one H5P activity. How can an exported activity be embeded in a webpage? Or if we take the problem the other way, how can I add sections in a webpage made by Lumi? 

Any ideas?

Take care


Maybe you can use the column activity or the course presentation  or the book activity ? They are not compatible with all h5p activity though.

There is also an other solution : you could code your own webpage to include h5p activity. It's not that hard. If the first solution doesn't work, I can quickly explain you how to code your own webpage.


Thank you for the suggestions!

The column activity and course presentation wouldn't be sufficient as I need several sections on the same page and also several pages per activity. Book activities might be good enough ! (I'd be missing some options* and design, but that's bearable).

Another issue. With Lumi, I can export an activity and I can select to integrate the reporter just fine. But as I download my progress, the file type is .OMCsettings and not .lumi so the Lumi Analytics cannot find any files to read.  Any suggestions? (Maybe I should start a new thread)

By code webpage, do you mean use an html editor to add the different sections? I opened a book activity in html and it's huge! I bit out of my field but good point, that could work to. 

Edit: Missing activities I used often actually: Essay, Audio, and espacially, drag and drop papi jo :(