H5P OER Hub progress


Since the start of decemeber, the H5P OER Hub progress bar (https://h5p.org/oer-hub-coming) as been stuck at 93%.

So how it is going ? Are we closer to the release ? Is the moodle integration still in progress or is it finished ?

Also : what does OER means ?




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Hi Degrange,

The OER Hub is right around the corner. AFAIK it is already done and it is in the testing phase. If these tests comes out perfect the update will be released.

OER - Open Educational Resources in a nutshell makes it easier to share educational resources because of how copyrights are handled.

A few articles that might help:





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In fact, there were quite some pushes to the moodle release branch yesterday ;-)

Okay nice to know and thanks form the explaination about OER.

It's now at 98% and the moodle integration is finished \ô/

Don't know if there will be beta test.