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Hey there,

I love the content type 'Dictation', however I wanted to request a couple of extra features.

1.  Would it be possible to add a check box to get rid of the case sensitive feature? Otherwise, students will get points taken away for mistaking a comma for period and viceversa. (see screenshot 1)

2. When displaying the solution, there are no apostrophes. So a sentence like 'They're' appears as 'Theyre'. So I was wondering if accents and apostrophes could be incorporate in the solution as to avoid confusion. (see screenshot 2)

3. I wanted to add a video as opposed to a recorded sentence, but I found I was only able to include one video per quiz. Maybe it would be nice to give the option to add a video as well and not just the  audio. 

Thanks so much and keep up the good work!




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Hi Lara!

1) I don't think that case sensitivity is related to commas and periods - but I see where you're heading. Dictation was meant for common school dictation, not for transcription where it may not be clear what punctuation symbol needs to be put somewhere. The alternate solution that's available for words might need to be extended for punctuation symbols. However, you can deactivate checking punctuation marks completely, if you want to.

2) That has already been fixed in the latest version. Could you please check that you're running Dictation version 1.0.7?

3) The image or the video are merely meant to be an introduction. How do you suggest having video should work?