Dialogue cards: adding audio in the back part of the cards


I am a Spanish teacher and I would love to have the possibility to add audio to the back of the dialogue cards to improve the listening and pronunciation skills of my students.

 For example, students can be revising phrases/collocations that they have previously studied. I could put in the front part of the dialogue cards an audio with half of the sentence, eg: "we speak...", the student needs to say the second part of the sentence "on the phone every day". Then to check if he has said it right, the student turns the card and listens to the audio "on the phone every day". He then repeats the phrase to improve its pronunciation.

I think this would be great for pronunciation and speaking practice.

Hope somebody can create this feature, it would add a different dimension to this activity!

Thank you for your efforts.

Kind regards,

Nuria Gelado


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Hi Nuria,

Thank you for your suggestion. This indeed will help make this content a lot better.


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Just a vote for Nurias suggestion about being able to add audio on both sidses of the dialogue cards.

I often use dialogue cards for dialogue training - one question/a statement on one side, and an answer/respons on the other side.

And it would be great and very helpful if my students were abel to hear both.

I agree, this content type would be much more useful for language learning if I could add audio to the back side of the card. The natural way to make a card for vocabulary training in Spanish for example, would be to read a word in English and see the picture on the front side so the student has to recall the word in Spanish, and then turn the card to read and hear the correct Spanish pronunciation. 

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There's already a pull request with the source code required for that feature (in fact for allowing to design the front and the backside independently from another), but the H5P core team will need to find time to review and release it if they decide that feature should be in there.