Pagination of multiple pages of content

Wondering if there is a way or if it is being developed so that pagination can occur for column or course presentations. Then when creating a learning object all activities wouldn't all be on the same page.

At the moment if based in moodle you have 2 choices, embed all your activities on single description pages so you have pagination and can have multiple page Learning objects (but then there is no scoring in moodle so it has to be a formative learning activity where scoring per page and feedback work)

Or you are set with the 2 most complex activities (column and Courses presentation)

Column if you join multiple content types then you end up with the scroll of death but you get it all scroing in Moodle

Course Presentation gives you tabbed pages and scoring in moodle but in decent learning object you would have several pages of these tabbed course presentations joined together with each on a separate topic

Perhaps a branching feature might work?

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Hi scott.hallman,


Thank you for the information. The first H5P conference is happening this week. The H5P core team will be busy facilitating the activities. They will try to answer your question asap or if someone in the community have some inputs feel free to post it here.




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The closest content type I can think of is Question Set, but of course it doesn't contain Course Presentation. I can't speak on behalf of the entire community but at least for Joubel (the company I work for), there's nothing in the short-term that will allow pagination of Course Presentation. This seems like a necessary feature and I hope someone develops it soon.