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I'm having some ongoing challenges with the h5p interactive activities and how their marking works, disabling their marking, etc.

This time I'm trying to use the h5p drag and drop element to create simple choice poll (1st screenshot attached).

One small thing that's happening is that the full screen control is partially hidden under the h5p element display, as I've marked here (1st screenshot attached)

Secondly, even though I've turned off "show score points" (2nd screenshot attached)

 I'm still getting a check control (3rd screenshot attached)

But perhaps most confusingly, I can't figure out how it's arriving at 3 out of 5? 

  • I think I have only 3 target drop zones.
  • I think I have only 4 text items that can be dropped
  • one item "nothing" can have infinite uses, but not in "1st choice" (only 2nd and 3rd choice)
  • all the other 3 items can be placed in 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice

Why isn't it 3 out of 3?

If I change check the "give one point for the whole task" option, then I get no points, even though all three targets are completed successfully (4th screenshot attached)

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Not sure

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Drag n Drop

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Hi JC Pluto,

Full screen icon issue: 

For some reason I am unable to reproduce this issue.

Show score points:

This works hand in hand with the "Apply penalties" option. This provides students an "explanation" why the score may be less than the number of their correct answers.


Scoring Issue:

From what I see you don't want to share the contents of your Drag and Drop. However would you mind making a copy of it then change the drop zones to say 1,2,3 etc. same as the draggables then upload it here. Drag and Drop has the one of the most if not the most complicated scoring among all content types and there are several possiblities on what is causing this issue. Having a sample makes it easier to find what is causing this issue.