Drag and Drop

How can I make Drag and Drop responsive?


When creating a drag and drop content on WordPress, the view of the task area on mobile becomes tiny (attached). Is there a way to avoid this? Maybe choosing a different task size or image size?

My current setting is this:

Task size: 1240 x 640 -> https://i.imgur.com/oOo5yMj.png

Box size: 92 x 26 -> https://i.imgur.com/vz9X5KO.png 

Display Issue (Drag and Drop)

Having a display issue with a Drag and Drop content type.

Upon loading the H5P, it is displaying cut off on the right-hand side within Canvas.

If I click on the 'full screen' arrows in the upper right and then click on them to exit fullscreen, the H5P will display correctly.

This is happening on a Desktop inside Canvas using the embed code.
Browser: Firefox
Screenshots are attached.