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How to Build? 6 items matched into groups of 3.

Hello everyone,

I am trying to rack my brain on how to build this activity in H5P but I am coming short.  Here is the idea:

  • 6 "terms" (short sentences)
  • I want students to drag them so that they are ordered into 3 groups. (Basically, group these 6 items into 3 groups of 2 matched items)
  • Students won't know why there is commonality between the 2 matched items, so grouping them by category really won't work.  I want them to explore and come up with rationalization why they think they are linked.

Any ideas are appreciated!

Option to Remove Negative Scoring option

This item came up before; was supposed to be added to Request Forum but I don't see it - must be buried.

I'm trying to encourage adoption of H5p at my school.

The auto-deduction of points on mult-correct answer activities is problematic. 

I worked with a teacher today who created a bunch of multi-answer kinds of questions: drag and drop, multiple answer, mark the words - they all deduct points. As a teacher, she is adamant about not wanting to deduct points for wrong answers. So, she told me that she won't be using the activities in her course. 

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