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Maximum points do not match actual points


I am new to this community and hope to get some help. I have created a Drag&Drop Quiz for my students (see attached file). They have to assign 28 Objects to 28 fields. When they do everthing correct, they should reach 28 of 28 Points. Actually they reach 28 of 31 points. Where do the 3 Points come from?

The H5P Plugin is used in Moodle 3.10.

Thanks for your help!



Simple scoring is broken

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Drag and drop scoring does not add up but visually +1s and -1s are correct [see image attached]

Chrome Version 87.0.4280.141 (Official Build) (x86_64) on MacOS Catalina 0.15.7 (19H114)

Moodle 3.5 H5P 1.20.2 (2020020500) 

Only think I could see was 2 images had the same name but didn't affect anything else that I could see. Changed the names to be unique still same issue of basic calculation of score?!?


Drag and Drop elements default colour has changed

Hi guys!

I've made quite a number of Drag n Drop exercises recently where the background colour of the draggable elements has been a nice, neutral grey. However, this now seems to have changed to white, and I'm unable to change it back to grey. I was wondering if you guys have changed the colour or whether it's simply a bug or even something else? I have checked it on a few different browsers and the colour is still white. Do you know if there's anything I can do to change it back to grey in order to keep it the same as the other Drag n Drop activities on my course?