Drag and Drop

Capture Answer (image) and Display it Again Later In the Course

Hi all,

I have a course which requires learners to select an image from a group of 8. (using drag and drop)

I want to then recall that image later in the course and have the learners complete an essay type exercise, based on their earlier choice of image.

Anyone with any idea as to whether (and a little how)  I can do this using the combination of H5P, Learndash and WordPress and any associated plugins?

Many thanks.

strange issue with missing library's.

I have a strange error, with H5P, and after much, much, much research, I stil don't have an answer...
we're using Moodle 3.5 as a platform, but... upgrading to 3.6/3.7/3.8 did NOT solve the issue unfortunately.

Reaching out to the community for the much appreciated help!

what's the issue(s):

1: interactive video not (allways) playing:

Customize Drag & Drop to test quantity.


Hello H5P community,


I need to hire a developer to customize the content type Drag & Drop. I need it to be able to test quantity instead of a right or wrong answer. 

Ideally, a dropzone would be given a number of draggables to be dropped in. If the number of draggables is met the dropzone will return correct.

The draggables will be all equal, however, we will not be using the "Infinite number of element instances", instead, we will be adding as many draggables as required to fill the dropzones.