Drag and Drop

Editing the content code directly

Hi. I'm trying to create a drag and drop text type of question but using the front end iterface seems difficult for making the drop zones and text boxes sizes/positions exactly as I want them by dragging. Can anyone tell me if there's any way I can edit the code directly and then paste/upload it back there. For example, in Wordpress there's an option to switch between visual editing and code editing.

I'm using H5P in Moodle 3.9 (not the H5P Moodle plugin).


'The connection was reset' on WordPress when creating an activity


I am using WordPress 5.4.2 with verison 1.15 of the H5P plugin. When using WordPress I am on Firefox desktop version 77.

Using Firefox and Chrome, I have tried to add a new H5P activity. I can go through the steps to put together an activity, but when I press 'Create' after a while, I eventually get a page saying 'The connection was reset'. I have tried Drag and Drop, Text Drag and Drop and both activities have this problem.

Drag and drop not working on Windows touch screens


A client is running H5P quizzes with some questions having drag and drop as an option.

Two days ago we got our first report that this is not working on Windows tablets (we have been using this software combination for more than a year). We have confirmed that touch screens running Windows cannot drag and drop in Edge (latest Chromium update), Google Chrome or FireFox.

This does not affect iOS devices.

Details as follows:

WordPress Version 5.3.4

H5P plugin Version 1.15.0

No browser console errors we can see