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Border Appearing on elements in drag and drop

I am creating a drag and drop activity where students are supposed to drag a colored blue rectangle to complete coloring a given fraction strip. I made sure that the blue rectangle and the drop zones have the same size (screenshot 1). However, whenever I select the drop zones for my element, a transparent border is appearing around my element which is changing the size of the element (the blue rectangle). This border is creating issue whenever dropping the element in its drop zone, check attached screenshot 2.

Issue after updating the "Drag and Drop" library to the latest version (1.14.9) in Wordpress App


I'm currently using Wordpress version 6.2.2 and h5p plugin version 1.15.6.

I encountered an issue after updating the "Drag and Drop" library to the latest version (1.14.9), as it stopped functioning properly.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

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Drag and Drop


I added a drag and drp question where students are asked to drag examples of activities into one of two categories.  Somehow I have it set that the process of dragging and dropping allows students to only drop the example into the correct category.  If they try to drop it into an incorrect drop zone it is bounced back to its starting point.  Is this the expected way for this interaction to work?