Drag and Drop

Fullscreen of Drag&Drop within Interactive Presentation does not work

When I nest a drag&drop task in an interactive presentation in h5p, the fullscreen button of the drag&drop module does not work - this can be enabled in the behavior settings. Within Lumi not even the preview is started. When integrating into Moodle, fullscreen does not work.

Text to be replaced by drag and drop

Our company is building H5P packages intended to train learners on how to improve their English skills. One of the content types they'd like us to build is one where the learner sees a series of sentences with some areas of the text surrounded by drag-and-drop targets and a set of replacement phrases to choose from. The idea is that they replace some language in the text block (Hey, how ya doin'!) with more appropriate language for the situation (Good morning, sir!). Right now we have the ability to define the draggable text by surrounding the phrase with asterisks.

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