H5P.Anki content type idea



Just some though of a content-type that I might develop one day.

If you don't know, Anki is a flashcard software to learn with spaced repetition.

The idea would be to create a content type that would "encapsulate" an other content-type among a list of supported content-type.

It would display the content-type normally but on completion, would offer the student to add to anki a set of flashcards based on the content of the content-type they just done. For example, we could image the content-type crossword : the user do the crossword, and at the end, the user can add to anki a set of flashcards with for each world the clue  on one side and on the other side the word. That way the student first discover the word on an interactive content, and can then learn it in the long term with anki.

Of course I repeat it just some thoughs. I don't know if I will one day create it.

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interested idea!

How would the flashcards be added to Anki? Does it generate a file or send them to a webservice?

One issue might be that you have to know about the semantic structure of every content type that you wrap around.

I explored multiple possibility. The first one is to generate an xml in the supermemo format. However there is some little bug and dev plan to change/remove the supermemo format so it's not a good idea.

Using native anki format is impossible as it's very complex (zipped sqlite database).

The second way and it is the best I think is to use the Anki Connect plugin. There could be two way to do that :

1) only the author need the anki connect plugin : when he author the content type he have to press a button, with anki connect I create the card set and then export the file. The student can then download the exported file and one click on it add the cards to anki

2) the student need the anki connect plugin : he click on the button and it's automatically added to anki

I could probably do both too.

There is just one difficulty : to use ankiconnect the website need to be whitelisted (well, there was a vulnerabiltiy that allowed to bypass, but I just did a PR that fixed that :D). It's a little tricky to whitelist a website currently as you have to edit a json file. I will probably do a PR to allow a website to request whitelisting.

For converting content-type to anki cards, I will have to program it for each supported content type (but that shouldn't be too difficult).

I added the api method to request whitelisting and it was accepted. So I can theorrically create this content type one day :)