Using the memory game in a popup

I am new to H5P and Wordpress in general and am trying to build an educational course suing Learndash, Elementor Pro, and some of the H5P activities and games.  I have created a pop up with a memory game inside of it but it does not show up.  The pop up box shows up after you click on the button, but there is a long thin white bar that shows up where the memory game is supposed to be.  Is this a problem with Wordpress or Elementor, or do I have the settings wrong with the memory game itself?

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Hi Issac!

That's because H5P is rendered when the popup is still invisible. Then H5P cannot know the height of the popup. The popup plugin would have to inform H5P of the change, see You could also use - but that explicitly is a workaround only and may not work in all cases.