Memory Game

(Memory Game) how to add more text into the description?


I am loving the Memory Game so far. I would like to add more content into the popup when tiles matches. At the moment is really short.

I am using it in Wordpress. Is that possible?

Many many thanks in advance!

PS: a WYSIWYG editor for the description would also be great

Unlogged User Results

Is it possible to view the results of unlogged users? Or a way of adding a Email Signup or something like that to capture the results/data? 

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Regarding Content Displaying only Half

Hi There,

I have been creating website of my client for past 4-5 months. We have finished it but we are facing issues that . Whenever we used to paste the shortcodes the content doesn't display. Please help!!!! 

I am using astra, and using tutor LMS to create the course. I tried to go to the post section of the guttenburg editor and then tried to edit the post as well but there also we were facing the same issues. Please help us overcome this issue.

Thanks and Regards

Shubham Narayan