Memory Game

No "Description", "Time spent:" and "Card turns:" in Front end


I use WP plugin H5P Version 1.15.6.

WP admin is on FF, I tested the Memory game on front end on FF, Windows Chrome and Android Chrome. There is always the same issue.

I made two memory games, these issues are in both games.

When I test via Preview in WP admin, everything is OK, there is a "Description", but when I start the game in the browser, that "Description" does not exist when the images match. Please see the picture on

Image Pairing and Memory Game


Hi Experts,

The image the size of Image Pairing and Memory Game are very small, however If I see Flashcards image size looks good.

How do I change the size of the image?  I saw the reply to use visual changes in CSS, when I did it is blurring the image instead of increase the size I want.

Please direct me how to get this done and if you give me code hook that would be helpful.

Image store different Folder not Wordpress Image Folder


Hi Team,

I have tried Image Paring and Memory game, when I click Add image it is not calling Wordpress Image gallery insead it is calling directly desktop and popsup.  How I direct the link to Wordpress Image folder instead of desktop popup opening.