Memory Game

Edit library.json file



I'm encountering an issue while attempting to edit the library.json file for the H5P Memory Game content type. Despite making changes and saving the file, I'm not seeing any updates reflected. It seems that the file isn't recognizing any modifications.

I'm wondering if there's a hook available, similar to those used with semantics, that I could use to edit the library.json file. Specifically, I need to add more content to the preloadedDependencies array.

Thank you in advance for your help. 

Embed content unavailable

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I have created a simple memory game with H5P.

I have copied the embed code and added it to a LearnPress lesson on my website and tried to add it to a webpage also. 

There is an error message that the content is unavailable.

I have searched for directions on how to create a game and embed.

The directions are not very detailed and make it seem like it should be very simple.

Can someone please link me to more detailed instructions of how to embed a game and make sure that it is working properly and the content will be available?