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Adding/enabling fullscreen button

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Hi all,

i try to add a fullscreen button for the memory game library. But i really don´t get it. I tried different things like

1. downloading the folder H5P.MemoryGame.1.3

2. editing the library.json (added the line "fullscreen": 1,)

3. tried to reupload the zipped folder content (with 7-zip)

4. i also tried to manually zip it on the command line (this post didn´t help me

5. when i download content which i have built with the memory game and reupload it, it works.

Add Link to result on memory game "h5p-feedback h5p-show"


I would like to add an link on the result sencente "Gut gemacht" / "well done"

<a href="/page2">next Game </a>

Where I have to add this?





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