Memory Game

Autoptimize plugin on Wordpress stops some H5P activities from displaying

I noticed a while ago that some content types had disappeared from pages on my experimental dev Wordpress. Everything I have is updated to latest versions (H5P, WP, plugins, latest Chrome version, etc), so I couldn't quite figure out what was going on. The activities showed up fine while being created in the editor plugin, so it was a mystery that things like Memory Game and Multi-Hotspots didn't display when embedded in pages.

Memory Game Score to Moodle Gradebook

May i ask for help?

I already install h5p plugin to my moodle (ver 3.8), then i try to create memory game, but i can not found submit/check button that will send score to moodle gradebook, the displayed information is only time spent and card turns. How i can add this submit/check button?

Is it only Interactive content type that can send score to Moodle gradebook? 

Thank you