Help with bulk migrating h5p

I've recently migrated a site using h5p from WP to Drupal.

The h5p content was migrated by

  • copying files from h5p/libraries and h5p/content,
  • copying DB tables for H5P
  • creating nodes for each h5p entry

The problem:

There seems to be issues with copying libraries - even though I have updated those libraries using the hub and cleared h5p caches using the library administration page.

For example, when I try to create an Interactive Video, I see the following error:

Missing translations for library H5PEditor.InteractiveVideo

The same error also on Course Presentation. Both of these content types do not work in the editor, but display fine on render.

Apart from sites/default/files/h5p/, are libraries stored anywhere else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Bulk migration of h5p from Wordpress to Drupal
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Never tried that, but H5P doesn't load translations from the files when running but from the database - there's a separate table for them that's filled when you install a library. Could be the reason.



Thanks Oliver! That fixed the issues. Migrated 2000+ h5p from WP to Drupal. I'm going to update the post above with steps I took in case any one finds themselves undertaking a similar effort.

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Glad it worked!