Interactive Video and Dacast hosting - Not Vzaar

Vzaar hosted videos can be played in the H5P Interactive Video.

Dacast hosted videos cannot be played in the H5P Interactive Video.

Vzaar was taken over by Dacast, but the two VOD delivery methods are different. Dacast delivery is more bandwidth efficient, so it makes sense to use Dacast video.

What action needs to be taken to get Dacast video to be playable in the H5P interactive video.

Thanks in advance.


Dacast Video
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Hi Peter,

There are 2 ways to do this. If Dacast has an API similar to Youtube or they have a similar implimentation of their player as Vzaar then it should also work with IV. If not you can check with Dacast on how to get the source URL of the video that you uploaded and you can then use this URL in IV.