Validating h5p package failed. WP4.8.1

I have a fresh install of everything and this is the message the I receive when installing a library. I followed the H5P setup instructions. Maybe something got by me.


Validating h5p package failed.


Any suggestions?

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Which content type are you trying to install when you see this warning message?

Are you uploading an H5P file, or just selecting install using the authoring tool?

I'm trying to load course presentation.

WP> h5p content> pull down or upload file. Neither works. The files sources are the download samples from

I've tried them all and none of them load.

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Just to confirm error message from the file upload:

Could not validate H5P file.

Make sure the uploaded H5P contains valid H5P content. H5P files containing only libraries should be uploaded through the H5P Libraries page.


I've posted this before and have not been able to move forward. I see that there some solution for Moodle, but nothing for Wordpress 4.8.2. Is there any help for WP user?

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Hi cpeterson,

I'm sorry that you're having trouble with uploading H5P content. I believe it is because the libraries on use the latest version of the Core plugin. Could you try and update your H5P Wordpress plugin and see if it works then?

Let me know if you have any other problems,



Good news. After reading through posts on the forum about this issue type, I discovered that in one post someone posted an issue with not having the zip module installed on the Moodle server and installing it solved the problem. Thinking that could the same issue with WP and not being a programmer, I opened a ticket with my host service, giving them access to the admin dashboard of WP. I explained what I was trying to do with H5P.

They expediently saw and solved the problem by installing the ZIP MODULE on my VPS. I'm explaining my experience in detail to assist other non-programmers who are content developers, like me, by giving them a starting point resolve the upload error issue.

Best wishes to all,


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Hi Crawford,

That's great! Thank you for sharing your findings, I'm definitely taking notes.


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I'm glad that you got it working, Crawford. Thanks for taking the time to share your findings.