export the result of questionnaire into a file

Hi everybody. I've been working with H5P tools for only some weeks in Wordpress. The possibilities are great. Especially the questionnaire is great for our work. We would like to use it for patients to answer our questions before we can use some therapy. But we need to export the answers to document this. You can now click that you are sending your answers somewhere, but we didn't find any option to export it really. Where are all the answers? And is it possible to export it somehow? That would be fine and make our day. Thanks a lot.

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Hi DanaB,

H5P emits data in the form of xAPI statements and you will need a plugin or custom code to listen to these statements and a data store such as a learning record store to save them in. 

I highly recommend looking through these documentation:






With regards to exporting the answers into a file it may be possible depending on plugin that you will use to capture the xAPI statements.



Hi BV,

thanks for your recommendation! We will get through this and hopefully we will get this working. 

Best regards, Dana