Longer visible Drag Text boxes when placed

A learning activity that I like is to have a paragraph of text with a few sentences taken out. The student then has to put the sentences back into the text based on the context around them.


Drag Text is the best option for this activity, but it was clearly designed for a single word or short phrase because once the drag text element is placed back into the paragraph all but the first two or three words get cut off, which means the student cannot read the paragraph as a whole once they have placed all the drag elements correctly. 


I have an example I am working on - https://my-english-lesson.com/animal-activities/


Is it possible to change the length that the dragable items have, can it be lengthened? This way words don’t get cut off once they are placed within the text. 



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Hi KarinaM,

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This is probably not complicated, but implementing this would lead to new questions: How long should the blanks be? Potentially shorter than the draggables like today? They'd then have to expand which will let the text shift again and again. Or should they be as large as the largest draggable right from the start? That might look weird. Should the author decide? What should the defaults be? ...